This 'House of the Dragon' Character Might Be Eyeing the Iron Throne, Fans Suspect

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We're back in the world of intrigues for the sake of power.

With 'House of the Dragons' plunging fans back into the world of Westeros with its power plays and plots to sit on the Iron Throne, it seems that the fight for power in the prequel involves more contestants than one might initially believe.

In the first episode, 'The Heirs of the Dragon', a big drama unfolds around the ever-lasting question: who's to inherit the Iron Throne from King Viserys? Obsessed with the idea of having a son, Viserys decides to let doctors execute a gruesome C-section on his wife without her consent – only for both her and the newborn son to die.

This leaves Viserys with a choice between his brother, Daemon Targaryen, and his daughter Rhaenyra. The latter is devastated after her mother's death and secretly mad at her father for wanting a boy heir so much. Daemon, in his turn, is craving to become an heir, but he is violent, impatient, and lacks diplomacy and delicacy, to say the least.

This is why Viserys ends up choosing Rhaenyra. But she might not be the only heir after all, as fans suspect that King's Hand, Otto Hightower, is surely up to something we are yet to see – and this "something" is clearly connected with the Iron Throne ambitions.

The most suspicious moment, according to fans, is when Otto sends his daughter to go and comfort the King while wearing one of her mother's dresses. That was simply bizarre and unsettling; and fans were quick to rule that Otto might be eyeing the Iron Throne and plotting some kind of a smart scheme to unseat Viserys or make sure that his own heir rules Westeros.

Otto's remark that "the gods have yet to make a man who lacks the patience for absolute power" was also something that left fans uneasy. Daemon – whom Otto clearly dislikes – also seems to be at odds with the King's Hand, and it all doesn't add to the pleasant atmosphere in court.

"Ironically, Otto's line applies more aptly to himself than to Daemon, just as Damon's line about Otto in the throne room applies more aptly to himself than to Otto. They're both projecting," one fan noted on Reddit, recalling how Daemon told Viserys that he knows Otto is "a c**t".

We are yet to see the repercussions of the fight for the throne and how they will affect Rhaenyra – who, despite all the plots and schemes, remains an official heir.

'House of the Dragon' is currently streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes arriving every Sunday.

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