This Millie Bobby Brown's Pre-Stranger Things Role Will Make You Bawl 

This Millie Bobby Brown's Pre-Stranger Things Role Will Make You Bawl 
Image credit: Netflix

It was so clear there was a bright future ahead of her.

While we're all waiting for Stranger Things Season 5 to arrive, it's a great time to take a trip down the memory lane and see what small roles and cameos the stars of the series have had before. Although they all started out on the Netflix hit as kids, some of the cast members already had some filming experience to fall back on.

Millie Bobby Brown, for example, started her acting career in 2013, starring as a young version of Alice in the American fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Since then, the actress has booked episodic roles on various network dramas, including such hits as NCIS and even Shonda Rhimes' Grey's Anatomy.

Young Millie Bobby Brown appeared in the Grey's Anatomy episode "I Feel the Earth Move" a year before her life would be completely changed by her portrayal in Stranger Things Eleven.

In one episode, the medical staff at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital must deal with a call from a little girl named Ruby whose mother has fallen unconscious and needs their help. As they guide her through the basic steps of first aid, Owen, Ameli, and Richard play the Bee Gees' song, Stayin' Alive, to match the beat of the song with the rhythm the girl needs to maintain.

When the girl arrives at the hospital, it is revealed that she was able to keep her mother alive by repeating the song over and over in her mind. The heartfelt moment she shares with one of the doctors is the highlight of Millie Bobby Brown's performance, which leaves no one indifferent.

Even though the actress is all grown up now and has many more acting tools under her belt, as well as a lot more experience from appearing on several more TV and movie sets, this role of a little girl named Ruby still stands out from the rest. In less than five minutes of total screen time, Millie Bobby Brown proves just how talented an actress she is.

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