This Netflix Movie is a Perfect Schitt's Creek Replacement (And Even Better)

This Netflix Movie is a Perfect Schitt's Creek Replacement (And Even Better)
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Still missing David Rose and his signature sarcasm? Dan Levy got you.


  • Daniel Levy, who created Schitt's Creek, has presented his directorial debut, Good Grief
  • The movie was released on Netflix on January 5
  • While definitely not a comedy, Good Grief manages to capture all things Dan Levy everyone loved in Schitt's Creek and present them in a more grown-up and slightly bittersweet way

It's been four years without the new Rose family content, as Dan Levy's Schitt's Creek wrapped up after its sixth season, ultimately leaving fans yearning for more.

The iconic heartfelt sitcom went out on a beautiful note, and there was hardly anyone who would dare say Schitt's Creek jumped the shark — which is why we want a reunion, a spinoff, or a movie, anything that could bring us back to that town and its most chaotic family.

However, while there are no plans for Schitt's Creek to return in any form yet, there is a way for you to delve into something that is very much reminiscent to what you loved the most about the show. First of all, it's a Dan Levy creation; secondly, it's his directorial debut; and last but not least, it's just as cathartic.

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Enter Good Grief, the new Netflix movie Levy directed, wrote, and starred in. The one and a half hour-long film takes us on a tumultuous journey with Mark — an artist who desperately tries to deal with the loss of his husband, Oliver, a popular and charming storyteller.

It's not a soapy "everything will be alright" movie where a widower mourns his picture-perfect husband (because as it turns out, Oliver was anything but) while dramatically weeping as he promenades through Parisian streets.

It's also about friendship and coping mechanisms we choose; about old wounds and new things they lead us to; and about the importance of letting it not be fine as long as it needs to not be fine.

Is Levy David Rose in Good Grief, though? Well, it's a yes and no; maybe Mark is someone David Rose could discover himself becoming at some point in his life, ten years after the events of Schitt's Creek. Yet again, Good Grief is different in tone and atmosphere; maybe "grown-up" is exactly the word we're looking for here.

While you definitely shouldn't treat Good Grief as a piece of Schitt's Creek content, it could be exactly what you need if you just can't stop rewatching the iconic CBC sitcom every now and then.

Will There Be a Schitt's Creek Movie?

For those who still want to see Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis Rose come together once again, Daniel Levy doesn't have an optimistic update... yet.

"If I had the idea for a Schitt's Creek movie, there would be a Schitt's Creek movie," Levy recently told BuzzFeed. "Until that day comes, there will not be a Schitt's Creek movie, sadly."

Essentially, Levy has always been clear about needing a solid idea for a story that could bring Schitt's Creek back to our screens. Well, all we can do is hope that day will once come.

Until then, you can stream Good Grief on Netflix.

Source: BuzzFeed via YouTube