This 'The Boys' Character's Fate in 'Herogasm' Might Be The Worst, Fan Theory Suggests

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We are definitely not ready for what's coming.

'The Boys' episode titled 'Herogasm', which is to be centered around a massive superhero orgy that was described in an eponymous comic-book series, has been simultaneously anticipated and feared by fans. Controversial even by the show's infamously questionable standards, 'Herogasm' might make people want to unsee what they are about to witness.

Among the characters fans are now fearing for is Queen Maeve, who happened to put herself against Homelander in season 3. Knowing Homelander, who is due to participate in the upcoming "splooge fest", 'The Boys' fans are concerned that the unhinged superhero might do very "sadistic" things to Maeve during 'Herogasm'.

These concerns are not baseless: after all, Maeve did defy Homelander and insult him, secretly teaming up with The Boys against the narcissist superhero. Among the wildest predictions for 'Herogasm', fans have listed Homelander getting her passed around, raped, or something even worse.

"Something much worse will happen to Maeve since she's in Malibu(that's where Herogasm is taking place). She has Homelander and Black Noir gunning for her. Her odds isn't looking so good," – @Omni_man96.

The fears are so real that fans now hope that Maeve will "make it" through Herogasm, even though many people suggest she is not even in the episode. However, the last thing we knew about her was that she was taken to some kind of clandestine place in Malibu – the location that might host Herogasm, according to some fan theories.

The good news is we won't have to wait for too long to know for ourselves, as 'Herogasm' premieres on Prime Video this Friday. Although we are yet to see just how good this news actually is.

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