This Underrated 2000s Star Needs to Be Back in the Spotlight ASAP

This Underrated 2000s Star Needs to Be Back in the Spotlight ASAP
Image credit: Disney+

Ashley Tisdale is Hollywood star material, and it’s about time someone noticed that!

Our childhood icon Ashley Tisdale deserves more appreciation than she usually gets – she is exceptionally talented! In the 2000s, we all felt like she was everywhere, and that’s because she literally was.

Tisdale famously played Maddie Fitzpatrick on Disney ’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody from 2005 to 2008. In 2006, the actress landed the role of Sharpay Evans in High School Musical and went on to appear in two more movies in the franchise, showcasing her singing abilities.

In 2007, she even released her debut album, Headstrong, which was an instant commercial success. Acting, singing, is there anything Ashley can’t do? Not really. In 2007, she proved that she is talented all around when she got cast as the voice of Candace Flynn in Phineas & Ferb, an animated series that ran for four seasons!

Imagine doing all of that within one decade… Disney truly put their stars to work back then. The 2000s was Ashley Tisdale’s golden age, but she has stayed busy ever since.

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The actress has carried on with her acting career, guest-starring in 2012’s Sons of Anarchy and starring in 2019’s Merry Happy Whatever, and many more. Ashley has even tried her hand at producing. Most recently, she has served as an executive producer on Young & Hungry and Daphne & Velma.

The star hasn’t given up her music either. In 2019, she released her third album, Symptoms, which was praised by the critics for its “emotional maturity.”

By the way, Tisdale is now 38 years old and married to singer Christopher French. Their daughter, Jupiter Iris French, was born in 2021. This is what the happy family looks like now.

Ashley Tisdale is the queen of comedy, and she hasn’t shied away from a few dramatic roles either. Disney needs to bring this actress back to our screens –we are sure that she still has a lot more to show us.