This Wild Elsbeth Theory Will Forever Change How You See the Character

This Wild Elsbeth Theory Will Forever Change How You See the Character
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She’s not who she seems to be.


  • Although Elsbeth is a character who has already appeared on The Good Wife and The Good Fight, fans are still learning more about her.
  • The Elsbeth-centric CBS spinoff has been a success so far, but viewers are growing tired of the repetitive premise.
  • Some of them, however, believe that Elsbeth's character is far more complex than she's been introduced.

There is nothing better than watching a light-hearted yet intriguing TV show after a long day at work, and that is exactly what Elsbeth offers its viewers. The show about the title character, a quirky yet brilliant lawyer who has the skills of a detective and solves the toughest cases, has already won the hearts of many.

However, no show is flawless, and Elsbeth is no exception. Though the show is good, it can't keep viewers interested forever because of the repetitive formula of each and every episode. In fact, in order to keep themselves entertained with the show, fans have started to come up with some peculiar theories.

Who Is Elsbeth Tascioni?

Elsbeth, a character from The Good Wife universe, has appeared on viewers' screens before, but has never really been explored in depth. All that was known about her was the degree of quirkiness to her personality and her undeniable talent as a lawyer and de facto detective.

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The Elsbeth-centered spinoff only proved all these points further, but, somewhat annoyingly, didn't show much else of her personal life, interests and habits to make the character feel closer to the audience. Even after several episodes, the show still didn't bother to give a proper background to its main character, leaving viewers to fill in the blanks themselves.

The most interesting idea was suggested in a Reddit thread about the characters' habit of handling three bags at once. Sure, this decision was meant to show their quirky side, but many fans believe there's more to it.

“In my opinion it’s part of her way of disarming people by making them think she’s like a bumbling weirdo. The visual of her rolling in all disheveled lugging all the bags generally has people think she’s not going to be a problem/threat before she reveals she’s a shark,” Redditor Connolly1227 said.

While this is nothing more than a fan theory, and we probably shouldn't take it too seriously, it does make you think about how much of Elsbeth's character is really just a mask to keep others in the dark about her true abilities and skills. The last thing she wants is extra attention, and this way she's easily dismissed by pretty much everyone.

Whether this is the truth behind Elsbeth's character or just a fun fan theory to play around with, fans are eager to know more about Elsbeth behind the facade she puts on every day. If you are also interested in seeing what else the season has in store for her, be sure to tune in to CBS on May 23 to not miss the season finale.

Source: Reddit