Thunderbolts: Marvel is Getting Its Own Superman, but Evil

Thunderbolts: Marvel is Getting Its Own Superman, but Evil
Image credit: Legion-Media

An Internet theory suggests that Marvel is casting a big name actor to play an evil Superman in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie. Fans think it might be hard to top Homelander.

The "Evil Superman " trope is nothing new. It's been around for more than 10 years, with DC, The Boys, Invincible, and Eternals following suit to some extent.

Now, another Evil Superman is rumored to be gearing up to be the next MCU villain in Thunderbolts, the movie set for release on July 26, 2024.

This is not the first Thunderbolts rumor to rock the MCU fandom. Earlier, Marvel insider KC Walsh shared a picture of the Squadron Supreme taking down some Marvel superheroes and confirmed that viewers might see the team mirror DC's Justice League in Thunderbolts.

The rumor sounds plausible since, according to comic book canon, the Squadron Supreme is a group of superheroes pulled together from different parallel realities of the MCU. It could very well happen, considering that Phase Four of the MCU is all about the multiverse.

Now, additional information about the Squadron Supreme has appeared in the rumor mill. Fans say that Marvel is looking for a big name actor to play the main villain in Thunderbolts. The character is described as a powerful "Evil Superman". According to fans, this description could refer to two Marvel characters: Hyperion and Sentry.

Hyperion was written out of DC's Superman. He is a powerful alien who came to Earth as a baby, escaping the annihilation of his race, the Eternals. He was raised by human parents under the name Marcus Milton.

Like Homelander, Milton had a series of negative encounters with government agents that turned him evil. Sentry is a product of the Super Soldier Serum, which harnesses the power of a million exploding suns.

Although he is a superhero, Sentry also carries within him the supervillain known as the Void. Since Hyperion is associated with the Squadron Supreme, fans believe that we are most likely to see him in Thunderbolts.

Rumor has it that Ryan Gosling or Alexander Skarsgard are both being considered for the role, and it seems that fans would be thrilled to see the latter join his father and brother in the MCU.

While fans doubt that Marvel's new villain will be able to top Homelander, they still think the concept could work if Marvel has a solid story for the character. Apparently, being a Superman spoof is not enough to make a splash.