Thunderbolts Rumor Says Key Team Member Out; Fans Are Furious

Thunderbolts Rumor Says Key Team Member Out; Fans Are Furious
Image credit: Marvel

Looks like the most exciting character in the upcoming movie won't be a part of it.

Marvel's Thunderbolts may have just lost one of its main characters. According to new viral rumors spread by MCU insider CanWeGetSomeToast, Hannah John-Kamen's Ghost might not appear in Thunderbolts.

After first appearing as the film's antagonist in 2018's Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ghost (aka Ava Starr) certainly had a lot of redemption potential, which is why she was one of the most likely choices for the Thunderbolts lineup. However, now that she seems to be out, many fans are on the verge of boycotting the movie, mainly because "they took out one of the only members of the team with actual powers" and "she was the only character" people were excited to see.

In the wake of recent unconfirmed rumors that Stranger Things star Sadie Sink will play Songbird in the MCU, some fans have put two and two together and suggested that Ghost has been replaced by Songbird.

"Yet another Marvel Villain one and done. Shame on the writers and execs for not expanding more and developing villains past a single movie," Twitter user JoatamC said.

It looks like people would rather kick Bucky or Red Guardian off the team. If Ghost is really gone from the movie, it would make the Thunderbolts a team of super soldiers only.

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Some justice has to be done, fans argue, offering the only way to make Ghost's supposed exit smoother.

"Her story should end with going to the Quantum Realm where she could live a painless life by absorbing the energy around her. That needs to be an end credit scene for Ant-man 3 closing her story," Twitter user Henry58979558 suggested.

There has been no official comment on the rumors so far, so it may be too soon to worry.

Thunderbolts will be released on July 26, 2024.