Marvel, Take Note: Avengers as 80s Dark Fantasy Film Looks So Much Better

Marvel, Take Note: Avengers as 80s Dark Fantasy Film Looks So Much Better
Image credit: globallookpress

Where do you go to get tickets for a movie that has never been filmed in the first place?

With the help of AI, we can explore the multiverse on our own, thanks to those willing to reimagine Avengers as, say, an 80s dark fantasy movie. But there's a catch: you may never want to watch the original Avengers again.

Because seriously, this version of the Avengers, created by YouTuber Xickel using MidJourney AI, kinda looks better than the modern movie. Not only would this be a great alternate universe, but some characters, according to fans, look more comic book accurate in this version - Thanos, for example.

In keeping with the dark fantasy theme, all of the characters have been given a knightly makeover, and some of them look simply amazing in the new style. One character, however, did not change at all; Spider-Man simply came "as himself," as fans put it.

Loki was also among those who received few changes to their original appearance, but it would be fair to say that he already looked like an 80s dark fantasy character in the original movies.

One fan noted that Ant-Man somehow ended up looking more menacing than Ultron. Who knows, maybe Ant-Man would end up being the villain in the medieval dark fantasy universe.

No matter how unrealistic the "new" Avengers look, it seems that the AI version of their '80s style easily beats the modern green-screen extravaganza that is the Marvel superhero movie.

"Unbelievably great looks. Fantastic unique appearance. Own identity. Fabulous. No fancy [nowadays] computer animation or graphics but pure hardwork," one fan said in the YouTube comments.

It's a pity this universe will only happen on YouTube and never on big screens — unless Marvel decides to really delve into the multiverse and give it all.