Tilda Swinton Possible Comeback Has Constantine Fans Freaking Out

Tilda Swinton Possible Comeback Has Constantine Fans Freaking Out
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Looks like people would be even happier to see Swinton's Gabriel than Keanu Reeves' exorcist.

The Keanu Reeves- led Constantine sequel appears to be on track to set up a reunion of the original movie's cast as reports emerge that Tilda Swinton, who portrayed angel Gabriel in the 2005 film, is set to join the cast of the upcoming sequel.

The casting news was reported by Small Screens citing a Facebook insider, with Swinton's participation in the movie yet to be officially confirmed. Separately, pop culture insider DanielRPK has also claimed that Warner Bros. wants to sign Swinton up for the sequel.

The report has fueled fans' hopes for Constantine 2, as many people think that Tilda Swinton was arguably the best part of the original movie.

Now that the Swinton speculation has moved forward, fans believe that "the movie won't be the same" without her involvement, as she was "perfect" in the original.

Despite huge criticism from comic fans, the 2005 Constantine movie has been praised for on-point casting. Aside from Swinton's Gabriel, fans loved Peter Stormare's Lucifer and Shia LaBeouf's Sam as well — with some people already rallying for them to return as well.

In fact, the big reunion seems quite possible now that Keanu Reeves and Francis Lawrence are already officially confirmed to be a part of the sequel. The return of Reeves' Constantine has received mixed response on social media, with people heartbroken over the "unfair" treatment Matt Ryan 's comic-accurate Constantine received, but a lot of movie lovers were genuinely excited for the Reeves' exorcist to return.

In the end of the 2005 Constantine movie, Swinton's Gabriel was effectively turned into a human after John summoned Lucifer to handle the sudden escape of his son with the help of the rogue angel. Without the wings and therefore immortality, Gabriel immediately tried to force John to kill her; to which Reeves' character simply hit her with a crossbow and recommended getting used to the pain.

The premiere date for the Constantine sequel remains to be scheduled.