Tiny Severance Detail You Never Noticed Could Be a Really Dark Foreshadowing

Tiny Severance Detail You Never Noticed Could Be a Really Dark Foreshadowing
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As if this show did not have enough dark hints.

In Severance, pretty much anything can be a Chekhov's gun, with the show's second season set to delve into the mysteries of Lumon even further.

According to one Reddit fan theory, a little detail from the first season could end up foreshadowing something truly dark for the story.

In episode 5, Burt spills some tea to Irv about the rumors that circulate about the Macro-Data Refinement department. According to Irv, many believe that everyone in MDR has a pouch containing a larva, which eventually "eats and replaces you."

This rumor, according to the fan theory, can be a lot more than just a little speculation in Lumon.

"Could this be a metaphor for the long-term goals of severance? The innie is the larva, and eventually the innie, entirely programmed and loyal to Lumon, subsumes the entire form of the innie/outie and the outie ceases to exist, forming an army of Lumon-bots? Could this be what happened to Ms. Casey, and how they have people on the severed floor who never leave?" the theory author Lady_Laina wondered.

As of now, such rumors seem to be nothing short of an indicator of uncertainty that takes place in Lumon and how workers don't know virtually anything about each other.

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However, when it comes to Severance's eerie corporation, nothing can be certain. The mysterious MDR rumor might as well be a foreshadowing that all innies were initially supposed to be trapped in Lumon's walls forever.

Severance has been greenlit for season 2 in April, with the shooting kicking off in October. The premiere date is yet to be announced by AppleTV, with some people suggesting that the show's second chapter might release in 2023 or even in early 2024.