Potential Plot Hole in Severance We Chose to Ignore

Potential Plot Hole in Severance We Chose to Ignore
Image credit: Legion-Media

Let's talk about innies and why they are even putting up with all of this.

Severance does make you think about multiple ethical dilemmas that arise with the idea of separating a part of your personality and turning into some sort of a slave. However, when those ethical dilemmas are borderline plot holes, there is a problem.

Redditor Educational-Ad769 has wondered why the innies (that's how the show calls the characters' alter egos who only exist at work) are even okay with the way they live.

According to the Redditor, if your only options are eternal workday or non-existence, the choice is pretty obvious, and it's not clear how the character motivation even works in this show.

"The willingness of the innies to go on for years doing that is what doesn't add up for me. I just had a long weekend from work and I would be filled with so much rage if outie me got to enjoy life while I slave away for no apparent reason," the user continued.

One can argue that the innies simply do not know any alternatives to work day which makes them fine with "slaving away", but then there's a problem with Helly. If the innies are okay with the work "cave" they are trapped in, why her innie would even rebel?

After all, as another Redditor noted, innies "do know that something aside from work exists". We see them speculating about the lives of their outies quite a lot; however, many people believe that they "are more like kids so they don't have that existential crisis and just accept that they work."

Still, that did not prevent them from going rogue anyway in the end of season 1. As the four innies broke free, we might be heading for a truly emotional season 2 that might explore the problem with the character motivation a bit deeper and maybe even provide decent answers.

Severance was renewed for a second season in April 2022, and the shooting has already started. However, the premiere date is yet to be announced by Apple TV, with observers suggesting that the second season might hit screens at some point in 2023, or even 2024.