Titanic’s Iconic Artifact Sold For a Mind-blowing Price (Almost $1 Million)

Titanic’s Iconic Artifact Sold For a Mind-blowing Price (Almost $1 Million)
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Someone still needed to check if that door really could’ve saved the two.


  • James Cameron ’s Titanic ’s iconic door that saved Kate Winslet ’s character in the movie has been sold at auction for a record price.
  • The famous artifact managed to beat other impressive lots from famous franchises like Indiana Jones ’ bullwhip or Tobey Maguire ’s Spider Man 3 suit.
  • The fact that there’s still a lot of attention for Titanic and its plot mysteries almost 30 years after the film was released proves that James Cameron’s work has had a lot of impact on modern pop culture.

There’s been so much talk about it and nobody could prove it otherwise — but now there’s a chance that someone else can show if the iconic Titanic door could have managed to save both of the characters.

The Hollywood Reporter brings in the news that the door which saved Kate Winslet and let Leonardo DiCaprio drown has been sold at one of the auctions for a record $718,750.

Additionally, Kate Winslet’s chiffon dress that she was wearing during the last scenes of Titanic — and auctioned off with $125,000.

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The speculations that have been surrounding this fateful door ever since Titanic was released in 1997 probably weren’t in vain: the famous artifact brought straight from James Cameron’s legendary film’s set left behind Indiana Jones’ bullwhip that was used in Temple of Doom, Jack Nicholson’s ax from The Shining and even Spider Man 3 suit that Tobey Maguire wore in the film.

It’s been almost 30 years since the movie hit the cinemas, but the fans never left the idea that the tragic end in the film could’ve gone another way — and even James Cameron himself decided to check it. A couple of years ago, ahead of Titanic’s 25th anniversary, Cameron did an actual door test accompanied by scientists and stuntmen.

The director’s final verdict was that Jack, portrayed by DiCaprio in the film, might have had chances to survive, but there were definitely several options with one of them being Jack’s personal decision to not to risk Rose’s life while sacrificing his own.

The brouhaha that to this day surrounds never-ending discussions about the Titanic door shows once again how much of a cultural phenomenon the film became — with not only being the first movie that ever grossed $1 billion in the box office, but also still having devoted fans, so many years later.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter