Tom Cruise Almost Joined the DCEU as the Most Surprising Character Ever

Tom Cruise Almost Joined the DCEU as the Most Surprising Character Ever
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Some things just don’t ever intersect, and in the movie industry, there’s a plethora of examples — but Tom Cruise and superhero franchises almost broke this rule.

Throughout his career, Tom Cruise has done one too many record-breaking movies, and his resume is just phenomenal. However, there’s one thing he’s never done: superhero movies. For an action star of his scale, it’s a surprising fear — you’d think that Marvel and DC directors would be lining up to have the actor join their casts.

This was, in fact, almost true, as Tom Cruise almost joined the Snyderverse once.

Zach Snyder’s DCEU had its ups and downs, but one thing that no one could deny was that the director had his own style. While in charge of DC, Snyder created a distinct and easily recognizable image of his superhero universe, and while it failed to compete with Marvel’s, it was brilliant in many ways.

One of director Snyder’s most iconic DC movies was 2009’s Watchmen. The movie was received greatly by both the original comic and general DC fans, but apparently, there was a way to make it even more appealing to the global audience…and that way explicitly included casting Tom Cruise which almost happened.

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In Watchmen, Matthew Goode portrayed Ozymandias — the most big-brain character in all DC. While the actor got his part beautifully, he wasn’t the first one in the line. Not only did Zack Snyder want to cast Tom Cruise for Ozymandias; he discussed it with the Mission: Impossible star, and Cruise was really interested!

“[Tom Cruise] was interested — I did talk to him about it for a while. [If it worked out, Ozymandias] would be the role,” shared Zach Snyder during an interview with

Cruise would’ve definitely been an interesting choice for the part of Ozymandias as the Top Gun actor is primarily known for his action feats and insane stunts — and Ozymandias is considered the smartest man in the world. This would’ve been a surprising change of context but overall, it would’ve allowed Cruise to showcase his true acting range.

The reasons why Cruise didn’t end up chosen for the part are unknown, but while seeing him as Ozymandias would’ve been interesting, Matthew Goode played it just fine.