Tom Cruise and McQuarrie Team Up for 'Gnarly, Adult, and More Violent' Film

Tom Cruise and McQuarrie Team Up for 'Gnarly, Adult, and More Violent' Film
Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans of Tom Cruise and director McQuarrie were treated to a tantalizing tease on the latest episode of the Light The Fuse podcast. While no title or plot details were given, McQuarrie did reveal that the upcoming collaboration with Cruise will be a "gnarly, adult and more violent movie."

Fans of Tom Cruise are buzzing with excitement over the actor's upcoming collaboration with director McQuarrie, following the recent broadcast of Part 3 of the McQ 'Light The Fuse' podcast. While no title or details have been revealed, McQuarrie did drop a tantalizing hint about the nature of the film, describing it as a "gnarly, adult and more violent movie."

As always, Cruise's devoted fans are eager to see what the dynamic duo has in store. Many are hoping for a crime drama in the vein of "Collateral," while others are simply excited to see the actor continue to churn out high-octane action films as he enters his 60s.

"I'd love a gnarly violent Tom Cruise film where he plays the villain, like 'Collateral'," one fan wrote on social media. Another added to the idea of Cruise in the Sicario universe: "Benicio Del Toro vs Brolin and Cruise in an R-rated tacticool action thriller. Take all my effin money."

Looks like with pulling one insane stunt after another, Tom Cruise secured himself a pretty devoted fanbase.

As one fan put it, "Tom Cruise is one of the last remaining GOATs (isn't afraid to risk himself for his art) and anything new he's doing is something to be excited about."

Others are excited to see Cruise team up with McQuarrie once again, following the success of films like Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible - Fallout. It seems that Cruise's recent string of hits has only increased his stardom and box office draw, and fans can't wait to see what he does next. Whether it's a gritty crime drama or an explosive action film, one thing is for sure: with Cruise and McQuarrie at the helm, this upcoming project is sure to be a hit.