Tom Cruise Did a Lot of Crazy Stunts, But This One Left His Mom Terrified

Tom Cruise Did a Lot of Crazy Stunts, But This One Left His Mom Terrified
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Since 1996, when Mission: Impossible first hit the big screen, the spy action franchise has grossed more than $3.5 billion worldwide and has become the top action movie series.

Of course, much of the franchise's success is due to Tom Cruise's riveting performance and his daring and audacious stunts. When it comes to stunts, Cruise seems to have done it all, from the Halo jump to the plane hang.

It was that airplane stunt from the 2015's installment that shocked his late mother, according to the actor. The star recently told Jimmy Kimmel that when his mother watched the impressive scene, she became extremely anxious and concerned for her son's safety.

"I showed her when I was on the A400, the side of the airplane in Rogue Nation, and she was like, 'Honey, is that you on the side of that airplane?' I said, 'Yes ma'am,' and she goes 'Oh lordy, I'm so glad you didn't tell me about that one,'" the actor recalled.

Such a reaction is perfectly understandable. To millions of viewers, Tom Cruise may have been a stunt king, but to his mother, he had always been just a kid. And she certainly wouldn't approve of what's coming for the Mission: Impossible franchise.

The six-part action series is about to get two more installments. And just like the previous parts, the new movies will feature even riskier and more spectacular stunts.

The teaser for Dead Reckoning Part One, scheduled for release in the summer of 2023, shows Cruise driving a motorcycle over the edge of a cliff, relinquishing control of the bike and freefalling for a few seconds before activating his parachute.

Looks like viewers can expect the show of a lifetime!

But this crazy stunt will reportedly not be the crowning achievement of Cruise's career. Dead Reckoning Part Two, which is due out in the summer of 2024, will reportedly focus on some of Cruise's most insane stunts to date.

While details have yet to be released, on-set photos show the stunt king skydiving over a mountain and grabbing onto the wing of an airplane.

Only time will tell what breathtaking scenes Cruise has in store for his fans, but it is already clear that audiences are in for a good ride over the next two years.