Tom Cruise Movie Habit Might Be Endearing, But Comes Off As Creepy

Tom Cruise Movie Habit Might Be Endearing, But Comes Off As Creepy
Image credit: globallookpress

Tom Cruise is an actor who truly cares about his craft and he always takes it to heart when it comes to the success of his films.

Unlike many other stars, he would go above and beyond to ensure that his work resonated with audiences. As we will see now, at times he might occasionally get somewhat creepy.

Despite living a life in the public eye for decades, many aspects of Cruise's life still might come as a surprise, even to his biggest fans.

The actor is known for doing most of the stunts if the movie requires them, which is extremely risky, but that's just how committed Cruise is to his roles.

This has a downside of sorts, with Cruise being notoriously strict and demanding on his every film set.

And while all of this can easily be understood and embraced, Cruise does have one small peculiar habit that is a bit less easy to come to terms with.

During this year's Producers Guild of America awards ceremony, former Paramount Pictures CEO Sherry Lansing presented Cruise with an award, while sharing with the audiences an amusing, albeit quite unusual, anecdote about Cruise's habits during his movie premieres.

Lansing revealed that Cruise would often sit in the projection booth, out of sight from the audience, or hide at the back of the theater to observe their reactions to the premieres of his movies. Well, okay...

While some might view this as an act of vanity, it actually might just show how fervently Cruise cares about his work.

It highlights his famously unrelenting passion for filmmaking, which has fueled his career and made him one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

For Cruise, it is never just about the fame or the fortune but about how his films were received by his fans. That is, if you are not imagining Cruise lurking in the shadows while you sit at the premiere.

This is not a comfortable feeling, even if the proverbial Peeping Tom is actually Cruise.