Tom Felton Had a ‘Racy’ Nude Scene in Harry Potter That Was Later Cut

Tom Felton Had a ‘Racy’ Nude Scene in Harry Potter That Was Later Cut
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You wouldn’t expect naked scenes from the Harry Potter movies, but much like Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton had one in The Goblet of Fire — and he was upset by its removal from the final version.

Harry Potter began as a fantasy series for small children, and over time, it gradually evolved into young adult fiction since the audience was growing alongside Harry and his friends. With each installment, both the books and the movies became grimmer and darker and addressed more serious and controversial issues not fit for kids.

Harry Potter started raising the questions of racism, brutality, government authority abuse, and even torture and murder — and with that, as the main characters were turning older, it also addressed romantic relationships.

However, in spite of becoming way more young adult-ish, neither the books nor the movies touched upon some topics.

The one and only instance of some shady innuendo we can recall happened in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie when Moaning Myrtle tried seducing young Harry in a weird way. The boy was naked in the bathroom, and the ghost tried to peek at him underwater, making Harry immensely embarrassed.

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The next semi-naked scenes Daniel Radcliffe shot were in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — with the Sword of Gryffindor and the Slytherin’s Locket. But few people know that Tom Felton, too, had a nude scene that never made it into the final cut — and, like Dan’s, his was also supposed to be in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

After Moody (or, rather, Barty Crouch Jr.) turned Draco into a ferret and he was transformed back to his human form, the Slytherin student was supposed to be naked. They filmed this version of the scene, and Tom was happy with the way it turned out, calling it “one of his highlights.” However, the producers decided against using it.

“The original thing was that there was a naked scene for Draco. [But the producers said,] ‘We’re going to cut that because it could be a little racy for the younger audience,’” the actor explained in the video shared by GSA.

Well, the producers probably made the right call considering Tom Felton was a minor back then — even though this same thought process didn’t stop them from doing a nude scene with Daniel Radcliffe. The comments under the original video tend to disagree with us, though: there are way too many fans there wishing the scene was not cut.

Source: GSA via YouTube