Tom Felton Reveals First Teaser For What Seems Like His Own Indiana Jones Replacement

Tom Felton Reveals First Teaser For What Seems Like His Own Indiana Jones Replacement
Image credit: Legion-Media, Paramount Pictures

And the female actress looks way too much like Emma Watson, by the way.

It's not that we entirely support what Miriam Margolyes has said recently, but it's high time for Harry Potter fans to at least acknowledge the painful fact that we all grow up. Gone are the times when we knew Tom Felton exclusively as that Slytherin baddie Draco Malfoy; oh no, these days, it's time to welcome him in an entirely new role.

Just recently, Felton has taken to his Instagram to share the first teaser for the movie titled Canyon of the Dead. Not only does he portray Earl Halstead Morris in the film, but he is also a producer!

The story revolves around the two archaeologists who visit the Canyon of the Dead, and the dead, who could have thought, find them. The teaser oozes a strong and dramatic action vibe with a sprinkle of a western, if we may; besides, according to Felton himself, it is also an epic story about a brave woman.

"It’s an epic story that hasn’t been told before,” Felton said, cited by The Guardian. “Ann Morris was only recently acknowledged as a credible archaeologist, even though she set the tone for the next 100 years of young women having the opportunity to enter the field.”

However, the struggles of a female archaeologist who will have to fight the dead in the eerie canyon are cool, but Harry Potter fans in general and Dramione shippers in particular are what they are.

In Felton's comment section, many people noticed how Abigail Breslin, the movie's female lead, resembles Emma Watson in the second she appeared in the teaser. For a second, people clearly thought they were in for yet another Harry Potter reunion!

Other fans noted that "Indiana Jones ate your heart out" and the movie "looks amazing."

Felton appears to be a huge archaeology enthusiast himself; according to his own words, he couldn't believe that he heard the story of Ann Morris before when he first read the script.

"I’ve always been into digging up the past; Jurassic Park always had a little piece of my enthusiasm as a kid. I was in love with the Model T cars, the tools, the equipment," he said.

Well, we'll lie if we say we haven't been craving a decent replacement for good old adventure stories like Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park! And take a hint, Hollywood: not remakes, but new original stories.