Tom Holland's Next Spider-Man Movie Jeopardized By Sony And Marvel's Feud

Tom Holland's Next Spider-Man Movie Jeopardized By Sony And Marvel's Feud
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Things are not looking good for Spidey amid the inter-company franchise war.


  • Tom Holland ’s Spider-Man movies are Sony’s most successful Spider-Verse venture to date.
  • Sony wants to rush Spider-Man 4 for a 2025 release but Kevin Feige is already “spread too thin,” insider claims.
  • Fans unanimously support Feige and suggest that Sony take the back seat after its Madame Web failure.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man quickly became the new big thing in the superhero genre. A half-blood in his own right, the latest Peter Parker is half-Sony, half-MCU, and this makes things quite complicated when it comes to his fate: the two companies just can’t seem to agree on what to do with the Spider-Man franchise, and the next movie might as well be jeopardized because of that, according to insiders.

Sony’s Pushing Against Feige, Source Claims

The future of Spider-Man 4 is up in the air and doesn’t seem to be flying up. A famous industry insider CanWeGetSomeToast recently shared a new scoop about the state of things over at the Spider-Verse, and it looks bad: apparently, Kevin Feige and Sony executives are trying to force the next movie’s terms on each other.

With the many MCU releases already planned and a massive back pain in the form of the Jonathan Majors controversy on his hands, the Marvel boss is “spread too thin” to release Spider-Man 4 in 2025. Regardless of Feige’s inability to work on the project, Sony still wants to release the movie next year as if the date is the main concern. At this point, it’s too early to judge who will win in this clash of interests.

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Marvel Fans Are Frustrated With Sony’s Attitude

The fans of the franchise are unanimously supporting Kevin Feige in this conflict: Sony hasn’t been exactly overperforming in the last eternity when it came to the Spider-Verse. The complete and utter disaster Sony’s latest movie, Madame Web, turned out to be only supports this claim and proves Spider-Man 4 will be better off under Feige than under his peers from Sony.

“They need to back off and let Kevin Feige do his thing! Sony has already shown how bad they are when it comes to their own live-action Spider-Verse. Madame Web is pretty much the final nail in the coffin of that disaster! Last thing we need is a rushed Spider-Man 4 making things worse,” X (formerly Twitter) user FPL Wade Wilson pointed out.

Most fans agree with them: after its overwhelming chain of failures in the past years, it doesn’t look like Sony should be the one taking charge in the Spider-Man 4 business. Otherwise, the Raimi Spidey story risks repeating itself — back then, Sony also rushed director Sam Raimi to make the fourth movie, and it never happened.

Source: CanWeGetSomeToast via Cosmic Marvel