Tom Selleck's Daughter All Grown Up & Gorgeous (Too Bad She Opted Out of Hollywood)

Tom Selleck's Daughter All Grown Up & Gorgeous (Too Bad She Opted Out of Hollywood)
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Tom Selleck has been Hollywood's favorite dad for decades – and he has a fatherly mustache to show for it. Turns out, he is just the same in real life!

The accomplished actor has played all kinds of dads, and we totally love each and every one of them.

His dad vibe might be so strong because he is one outside of work too – he has a son that he adopted during his first marriage to model Jacqueline Ray and a daughter with his second wife Jillie Joan Mack.

Tom's daughter Hannah, born in 1988, has definitely cemented his position as the beloved dad of Hollywood – their relationship is too adorable!

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While many industry professionals pass on the acting bug to their children, Selleck has either not tried to or has failed miserably, as Hannah has stayed out of the glamorous limelight. At least as an actress.

Instead, the totally obvious daddy's girl has become a professional equestrian, and she gets to love and spend time with horses for a living.

We are not jealous, you are!

In January 2016, Hannah wished her dad a happy birthday and posted a throwback photo of the two of them on her Instagram account. Can you believe this little girl is all grown-up now?

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Well, she is, and she has done a lot to make her dad (and mom) proud. Hannah may not have become a Hollywood's star, but she has spent a couple of decades mastering horsemanship.

She is now a professional horseback rider who has competed and won numerous competitions in her industry.

Hannah has a lot to show for her equestrian skills – she has won thousands of dollars in the Grand Prix contests for scoring among the top three. Impressive, huh?

Selleck loves to share her love for horseback riding, and she frequently posts pictures of her in action on her Instagram page.

So much so that she has started to get quite a lot of media attention. Hannah has been featured in some high-profile magazines in recent years.

In 2019, for example, she appeared on the cover of Palm Beach Illustrated. Isn't she just gorgeous?

We can't wait to see what this young lady does next! Maybe even stars in a movie alongside her dad (provided there are some horses in it, of course)?