Top 10 Disturbing 80s Movies That Out-Creep Modern Horror Easily

Top 10 Disturbing 80s Movies That Out-Creep Modern Horror Easily
Image credit: Legion-Media, Basket Case Productions

A lot of movie genres thrived in the 80s, and horror is one of these.

It was the time when both mainstream and indie filmmakers dived deeper into their most deranged thoughts and pored them on the screens.

It still feels weird to use the word 'retro' while addressing something from the 80s because somehow this decade doesn't seem that far away. But the horror movies created in this timeframe were world-shattering.

They changed the perception of the genre and became the new pillars of it. The impact that these shows had on pop culture is immeasurable. They birthed multiple franchises or works that are heavily influenced by them, the tropes that were first introduced in the 80s became staples later, and the characters that made moviegoers from nearly half a century ago wet their beds still invade comic conventions and some nightmares.

Not all of the horror movies that were released back then became this well-known, but even those that didn't amass the cult following helped change the game. And don't get us started on how creatively they had to get in the VFX department back then! A lot of inventions from that decade helped propel the industry forward.