Top 10 Must-See War Dramas Available on Netflix Now

Top 10 Must-See War Dramas Available on Netflix Now
Image credit: Abramorama, Netflix

Long gone are the days when war movies looked like "Saving Private Ryan," where the mass murder of people looked like an inspirational action movie that showed the violence but did nothing to counter it.

The modern war movie is solemn and ironic - directors try to really show how terrible wars are, and there's no better selection of such movies than those that have found their home on streaming services.

Here are 10 of the best war movies to watch on Netflix:

As you may have noticed, there are no blockbusters on this list. War movies have moved away from this genre in favor of more dramatic and character-driven works, as focusing on the people rather than the special effects actually results in much better movies, especially when war is the main subject.

The movies mentioned above are very different in their approach to war stories - there are comedies and biopics, indie films and productions with big stars in the lead roles - but they all have one thing in common - you'll feel a bit sick after watching them, thinking about the countless wars that have plagued our planet for the last four thousand years.

War is grueling and unfair, and we have to give Netflix credit for producing films that feel real when they it.