Top 10 Supernatural Shows That Aren't Outright Horror

Top 10 Supernatural Shows That Aren't Outright Horror
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And nope, we are not talking about The CW's Supernatural here.

1. "Les Revenants" (The Returned) – France, 2012

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In a sleepy French town nestled against a majestic mountain backdrop, the impossible occurs. Loved ones, long since declared dead, make their way back to their homes and families, seemingly unchanged. Strangely, they have no memory of their demise or knowledge of the time that has passed. It's not zombies or ghosts, though; these "Returned" are very much alive, yet their reappearance disrupts the lives of everyone in the community. Meanwhile, the water level in the town's dam reservoir mysteriously drops, revealing an old church submerged decades ago.

2. "Glitch" – Australia, 2015

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The small Australian town of Yoorana is shaken to its core when six people, long since dead, suddenly rise from their graves. They're back from the dead, and they're not zombies or ghosts, but fully functional humans, unaware of their own deaths. Police officer James Hayes is called to the local cemetery in the dead of night and finds himself face-to-face with his late wife, Kate. The resurrected individuals, all from different eras, struggle to fit back into the world, grappling with lost time, fragmented memories, and the new lives their families have built in their absence.

3. "Midnight, Texas" – USA, 2017

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Welcome to Midnight, Texas: a safe haven for supernaturals, where being unusual is the norm. In this remote town, psychic Manfred Bernardo seeks refuge from his troubled past and vengeful spirits. Amidst a peculiar assortment of locals, including a vampire, a witch, and a fallen angel, Manfred tries to find a new sense of purpose. Yet, when one of the town's residents is found dead under suspicious circumstances, Midnight becomes the center of attention.

4. "Being Human" – UK, 2008

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Three unlikely roommates share a house in Bristol: George is a kind-hearted werewolf, Mitchell is a charismatic vampire, and Annie is a friendly ghost. They're all trying to fit in and lead normal lives, which is easier said than done when you're a supernatural being. While struggling with their own unique problems, they also face threats from both human and supernatural foes, all while grappling with moral dilemmas that blur the lines between right and wrong.

5. "The Almighty Johnsons" – New Zealand, 2011

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Axl Johnson is just a regular Kiwi bloke, celebrating his 21st birthday with a group of friends and his brothers. Little does he know that his life is about to change forever. On his birthday, Axl discovers that he's the reincarnation of Odin, the Allfather of Norse gods, and his family is made up of other Norse deities. However, these gods are not as powerful as their mythology suggests; they've been weakened over the centuries and must search for Frigg, Odin's wife, to regain their full strength.

6. "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" – USA, 2016

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Eccentric private detective Dirk Gently is not your ordinary investigator. Operating on the principle of "holistic detection", Dirk believes that everything is connected, and that seemingly unrelated events are part of a larger mystery. When washed-up rocker Todd Brotzman stumbles upon the murder scene of a millionaire, he is unwittingly pulled into Dirk's latest case. Together with an eclectic group of allies, they uncover a tangled web of time-traveling assassins, body-swapping, and a secret government agency.

7. "The Middleman" – USA, 2008

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Wendy Watson, a struggling artist, finds herself thrust into a world of extraordinary danger when she witnesses a bizarre incident at her temp job. Enter the enigmatic "Middleman", a superhero-like figure who battles comic book villains, mad scientists, and otherworldly creatures. Wendy is recruited to become the next Middleman-in-training, learning to navigate this bizarre new world under the mentorship of her enigmatic boss.

8. "Sleepy Hollow" – USA, 2013

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Imagine this: Revolutionary War hero Ichabod Crane awakens in the modern-day town of Sleepy Hollow, New York, over two centuries after his apparent death. As he grapples with the shock of his new surroundings, he discovers that he's been resurrected to fulfill a prophecy and stop the impending apocalypse. Teaming up with police lieutenant Abbie Mills, Ichabod must face off against the Headless Horseman, an undead Hessian soldier he once decapitated.

9. "Reaper" – USA, 2007

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On his 21st birthday, Sam Oliver learns a shocking secret: his parents sold his soul to the Devil before he was born. Now, the Devil himself has come to collect, and Sam must work as a "reaper," capturing escaped souls from Hell and sending them back to the underworld. Armed with a variety of supernatural tools, Sam and his slacker friends, Sock and Ben, track down fugitive souls while trying to maintain their mundane lives and jobs at a home improvement store. As Sam wrestles with his new role, he discovers hidden truths about his family and the reasons behind his soul's sale.

10. "The Fades" – UK, 2011

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Paul, an awkward British teenager, has vivid dreams that turn out to be premonitions. When he begins seeing spirits of the dead, known as "Fades," he discovers that he has the power to sense the supernatural. With the help of his best friend Mac and a secretive group of "Angelics," Paul learns that the Fades are becoming more aggressive, seeking a way to return to life. As the boundaries between the living and the dead start to blur, a battle for the fate of humanity unfolds.