Top 11 Gangster Films on Netflix to Stream After The Gentleman

Top 11 Gangster Films on Netflix to Stream After The Gentleman
Image credit: Universal Pictures

Netflix has a fair share of movies centered around organized and not-so-organized crime, some of these are great, and some of these leave the viewers expecting more.

This ranking may help you find something that would satisfy your bandit story craving for the night.

The vast library of Netflix comes in handy when you want something specific but still have a little bit of leeway in your preferences.

Crimes can be told in different ways: people like Guy Ritchie love incorporating black humor in their works, which is evident in Snatch and his recent series The Gentlemen based on the movie of the same title; others tend to base their stories on real events and real humans, focusing more on the dramatic aspect of their lives, like American Gangster from Ridley Scott or Donnie Brasco by Mike Newell.

Honestly, the safest bet would be to go for anything that has Al Pacino or Robert De Niro in it.

This means that one of the best movies in the genre available on Netflix is Heat which stars both of them, provides a thrilling story filled with high-octane action, and perfectly implements the trope of "one last heist" and its complications.