Top 5 Dumbest Star Wars Moments, Ranked

Top 5 Dumbest Star Wars Moments, Ranked
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These moments made fans wonder how anyone could write something as stupid as that.

Star Wars is a truly legendary universe that has been around for decades at this point and has amassed an enormous fan base from all over the world.

And with such a large scale, it is not surprising that it has had occasional slip-ups here and there.

Excluding the cringe-worthy dialogues (otherwise this list would be all prequels), here are the top five dumbest Star Wars moments.

5. Reva Survives Lightsaber to the Gut (Obi-Wan Kenobi TV Series)

While it can be reasonably explained how the Grand Inquisitor survived a similar injury in the same TV show, since we don't see what happens to him next (maybe he was immediately put in a bacta tank or something), the same cannot be said for Reva.

After being stabbed by Darth Vader, she almost instantly boards a ship and goes straight to Tatooine to find Luke.

Maybe it was revealed off-screen that she has Deadpool 's healing powers, otherwise none of this makes any sense.

4. Lightsaber Helicopter (Star Wars Rebels)

When the Imperial Inquisitors first used their rotating double-bladed lightsabers to fly, many viewers burst out laughing at how silly it looked, nearly ruining one of the best episodes of the animated series.

There have been several possible explanations, including the magnetic fields, but we can all agree that it looks insanely stupid.

3. Promoting Jar Jar to General (Episode I – The Phantom Menace)

It is beyond comprehension how anyone could even think of putting this walking disaster in a commanding position.

Nevertheless, just before the final battle with the Trade Federation, Jar Jar Binks is promoted to General, leading to more cringe-inducing moments regarding his clumsiness.

No surprise that the Gungans would have lost without Anakin's intervention.

2. Flying Leia (Episode VIII – The Last Jedi)

What could have been a perfect moment to say goodbye to Carrie Fisher, who passed away before the release of the movie, turned into an unintentional comedy when she flew through space like some kind of Star Wars Superman.

What an absolute shame.

1. General Hux is a Spy (Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker)

One of the many nails in the movie's coffin, this supposed big reveal is spectacular in how stupid it is.

Not only is Hux killed five minutes later, making the twist completely pointless, but everyone suddenly forgets that he ordered the deaths of millions, if not billions, back in Episode VII.

Or maybe Starkiller Base's destruction of New Republic planets was part of some kind of master plan?