Top 5 Historical Series to Watch This Spring as You Pine For Bridgerton Season 3

Top 5 Historical Series to Watch This Spring as You Pine For Bridgerton Season 3
Image credit: Netflix, Paramount+

Long-anticipated projects are already not as far as they seemed to be.

While the fans are counting days till they finally see another season of Bridgerton ( the first part of which, by the way, will be released in mid-May), there’s another impressive list of top-tier series coming to the platforms in the nearest time — and they’re worth being included in historical series fans’ watchlist.

A Gentleman In Moscow

The series is set in the post-October Revolution era, where Ewan McGregor plays the role of Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov, who is given an unexpected and strange punishment by the Soviet authorities: instead of sentencing him to death, the Bolshevik tribunal imprisons the Count in the attic of Moscow's luxurious Metropol Hotel which he cannot leave.

The series will show the course of Rostov's life within the confines of one building, while the world outside its windows undergoes rapid change. A Gentleman in Moscow is set to be released on March 29 on Paramount+.

Mary & George

Based on Benjamin Woolley’s book The King’s Assassin, a new drama series stars Julianne Moore and Nicholas Golitzine. The show will bring to the screens the real-life story of a mother and a son who are striving for their place in the English court setting a new goal of becoming close to King James I. Mary&George will be released on April 5 on Starz.


Huge news for all history fans: Apple TV is releasing its own historical drama with Michael Douglas playing Benjamin Franklin (which is so far the first period work in his career). The plot will follow Franklin’s activity in France while he’s about to decide the fate of the United States. The series is coming to the Apple TV platform on April 12.

The Sympathiser

Based on Viet Thanh Nguyen's novel of the same name, the historical drama will show a spy from North Vietnam, who somehow has to deal with speculations around a refugee community in Los Angeles. As the official description claims, the series will become an espionage thriller and cross-cultural satire about the communist agent during the last days of the Vietnam War and his subsequent exile in the United States. The Sympathiser will be released on Max on April 14.

Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story

Not quite much else to say — a new docuseries in four parts will reflect on Bon Jovi’s life and his 40-year career. The show is supposed to recall the key events from the history of Bon Jovi’s band accompanied by never-seen-or-heard-before videos, lyrics or images. The series is set to be released on Hulu on April 26.