Trash Talk TBBT’s Amy All You Want, but No One Else Could Handle Sheldon

Trash Talk TBBT’s Amy All You Want, but No One Else Could Handle Sheldon
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Patience is key.


  • The Big Bang Theory was a CBS sitcom that has been on the air since 2007 to 2019.
  • The show followed young nerdy scientists and their aspiring actress neighbor navigating adult life.
  • Amy Farrah Fowler was introduced as Sheldon Cooper's love interest in season 3.

While some fans still find her character controversial, others argue that she's the only one who could handle Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory was a truly phenomenal show in the world of sitcoms because it managed to perfectly blend science-based humor, pop culture references, and relatable situations from every young adult's life into a well-balanced story. The characters became so close to so many people that the fandom quickly became very protective of their favorites.

Sheldon Cooper, considered an icon by many cynics for his sarcastic remarks and lack of understanding of social issues, was one of those characters that people either loved or hated, with nothing in between.

However, the majority of people, regardless of their opinion of Sheldon, were shocked to find out that he had a love interest.

Amy Farrah Fowler, who managed to find a key to Sheldon's heart, is still one of the most controversial characters on The Big Bang Theory. But whether you like her or not, you have to agree that no one else would have the patience to spend the rest of their life with Sheldon Cooper.

Is Shamy Endgame in The Big Bang Theory?

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All three of The Big Bang Theory's couples are far from ideal, and all three have received their fair share of criticism over the years. Amy and Sheldon, however, continue to attract the attention of haters to this day, even though they received the most balanced finale, with Sheldon growing as a person thanks to Amy's patience.

Many who dislike Amy as a character point to her clinginess and need for attention, when in fact that is exactly what made her fit so well into the friend group in general and stick with Sheldon in particular. No one else would have had the patience and determination to stay.

Of course, it all comes down to her flaws and childhood trauma. The lack of socialization makes it hard for Amy to fit into new circles, so when she finds the group she likes, she clings to it for dear life. Some found this annoying, but if she weren't like this, she wouldn't have been accepted into the group at all.

Her romance with Sheldon took her patience to a whole new level. Not only was she accepting of all his personality flaws and quirks, but she was also open to his need to wait for any kind of intimacy.

The only woman Sheldon could ever be with was the one who could wait three years for their first kiss, and that was Amy.

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Their love story was in no way typical, but given Sheldon's character, no relationship of his could have been typical at all. No amount of IQ matching, shared interests, and looks could ever beat Amy's willingness to put up with his worst qualities, and so she became his key to not only personal but professional success.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane and relive the highs and lows of Shamy's story, The Big Bang Theory is available for streaming on Max.