Twilight Couldn't Care Less About Consistency With a Huge Alice Plot Hole

Twilight Couldn't Care Less About Consistency With a Huge Alice Plot Hole
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It's been more than ten years since Twilight premiered, and yet fans still have a lot of unanswered questions about its somewhat dubious plot.

Last time we checked, Alice could foresee the future.

The Twilight saga is not really something one puts on to enjoy for its realism and logic, but some of the movies' plot holes are really corroding the series' consistency. As fans re-watch the movies over the years, it turns out there are more and more glaring plot holes.

For instance, the first part of Breaking Dawn that has Bella getting pregnant from Edward (even though it was deemed impossible at the time) has a plot hole that is connected to Alice. She is a Cullen vampire capable of getting visions that allow her to foresee the future. Even though these visions change based on the decisions characters made and the path they were on, Bella's pregnancy could not have been left unnoticed by Alice at the very moment Renesmee was conceived.

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However, Alice only gets the vision when Bella herself already knows.

"Bella's new path started well before she saw the tampons and realized, so why did the vision take so long to reflect that?" Redditor nursetoanemptybottle wondered.

Some fans tried to justify that by suggesting that, before Bella herself knew about the pregnancy, there was nothing for Alice to see. Other people mused the possibility of Alice deliberately "turning off" her visions in order not to violate Bella and Edward's privacy during their honeymoon (in this case — pretty considerate, we have to give it to Alice).

However, not everything in Alice's visions is dependent on decisions and knowledge. Previously in the movies, she was able to foresee the dangers that Bella would face — naturally, before Bella was already threatened.

But as we said, it's not logic and reason that we love Twilight for. After all, vampires sparkle in these movies, and willingly go to high school over and over again, as if there are no other fun things to do when you are immortal.