Twilight Fans, Time to Admit: Bella's Vampire Life Actually Sucks

Twilight Fans, Time to Admit: Bella's Vampire Life Actually Sucks
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A tale as old as time, but still a source of contention among fans.

Twilight fans around the world are still obsessed with the story that Stephenie Meyer told in her books many years ago and that Summit Entertainment has turned into a movie franchise.

It seems like every detail of the story, no matter how significant it is, is still causing beef between the hardcore fans. They are questioning every plot twist of the main story and wondering whether the chosen paths of the characters are the right ones for them.

We all remember how Bella wanted to become a vampire after she met Edward and fell in love with him. She really became obsessed with the idea of being immortal, but not because of the fact that it would actually give her eternal life, but rather to become someone like Edward.

What Are the Pros?

By the time Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out, all the fans on team Edward were anticipating Bella's transition and were actually angry at Edward for waiting so long. It seemed unfair to them that he was keeping her from living the life she wanted so much.

From the perspective of many fans, her life as a vampire was going to be ten times better for many reasons, and there's nothing wrong with becoming immortal at the age of 18.

“You get to be with your true love FOREVER. You get to be young, beautiful, and with superhuman powers FOREVER. She's got more money than she'll know what to do with so she can do anything that tickles her fancy. Money will NEVER be an issue for her and who wouldn't love that?” Redditor DiamondCupcake wondered.

What Are the Cons?

However, there are many fans that are not bought on the idea that Bella’s ending as a vampire is actually a good thing for her. They start with the fact that she is still almost a teenager that lived almost to no life before meeting Edward.

All her friends from school were having fun and the time of their lives, while she was trapped with a 100-year-old bloodsucking monster, and the fact that he is cute changes nothing.

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Although she mentioned a hundred times that she was happy with Edward and always felt like an outsider, fans are still sure that she never experienced real happiness with him, and what's more, she seems to be in constant danger even after becoming a vampire.

For many fans, being trapped forever at the age of 18 while being married and having a grown child is just too much. Besides, Bella's story in the movie is very unrealistic. If that were to happen to someone in real life, the chances of that person ending up insane are pretty high.

Many fans on Reddit, while discussing the matter, also mentioned that not being able to eat and sleep are the first things they would never give up to become an immortal creature. Being without good food seems like a nightmare to many of them.

Well, it seems like there is no right answer to the question of whether it was a wise choice for Bella. It really depends on the perspective.