Twilight Reunion Could Totally Happen in DCU (Sooner Than You Think)

Twilight Reunion Could Totally Happen in DCU (Sooner Than You Think)
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Are you ready to see Edward Cullen and Caius share a screen again?

If you are a fan of the Twilight saga, you must remember a chilling presence of the most ruthless of the three Volturi leaders, Caius.

Portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, he appears in New Moon and Breaking Dawn films, alongside Michael Sheen, who played the Volturi leader Aro.

That was the start of a successful career for Bower, who later performed as young Greendewald in both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies, and gathered a huge fanbase after the role of Vecna in Stranger Things.

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Do you know who else starred in both Twilight and Harry Potter films? Robert Pattinson, who's known for his performance of Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory.

Seems like coincidences like this one are pretty rare in the industry, however, fans can start preparing for another one. Now, two co-stars could meet in the DC universe, and it may happen very soon.

Robert Pattinson was cast as the new Batman for Matt Reeves' superhero film The Batman. Although he was not warmly welcomed by many fans at first, after the movie premiere his performance has been praised by both critics and DC stans.

The good news is, despite being skeptical towards franchises after wrapping the five-part Twilight saga, Pattinson would be happy to return as Bruce Wayne for the movie sequel.

And what is a good Batman movie without a strong and scary villain?

That is where Jamie Campbell Bower hopes to come into play. The actor recently attended the Comfest 2023 convention, which took place in Kuwait, and had a chance to speak with the press on upcoming projects.

One question the Geek House Show reporter had to ask was what character Bower would be down to portrait from MCU or DCU comics, and the answer was… the Scarecrow!

This might put both Bower and Pattinson on a path to yet another Twilight reunion on the sidelines of the DC universe.

Although it would be nice to see their characters partner up for a change, the prospect of having those two reunited could do wonders for the new Batman promotion.