Two James Bond Actors Will Reunite, But Not for a 007 Movie

Two James Bond Actors Will Reunite, But Not for a 007 Movie
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Legendary spy franchise actors will appear in Steven Soderbergh’s thriller with an already star-studded cast.


  • James Bond ’s Naomie Harris and Pierce Brosnan have joined the cast of a new Steven Soderbergh’s spy thriller.
  • The plot still remains a mystery, but is expected to be mostly influenced by the James Bond universe with the director being a big fan of the franchise.
  • Soderbergh has once had a failed attempt to direct a James Bond movie, but now seems to be just inspired by it in creating his own spy thrillers.

Two James Bond stars have officially joined the cast of yet another spy film called Black Bag — Naomie Harris, famous for portraying Moneypenny alongside Daniel Craig in recent movies, and Pierce Brosnan who played Bond himself in early 2000s.

The rest of the cast also has some very well known names — Cate Blanchett, Michael Fassbender and Regé Jean Page will star in the upcoming movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production is set to start this May in London.

Besides the famous cast, nothing else is clear about the future spy thriller, including what the plot will be about. David Keopp is writing the script while Soderbergh, who is prominent as a director mostly thanks to his Ocean’s trilogy and drama Erin Brockovich, will direct the new film.

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Even though Soderbergh’s new movie is not connected directly to James Bond’s universe, there is still quite a lot of interlacing with the famous franchise. Suffice it to say that the director himself is a huge fan of James Bond films which, most likely, prompted him to invite Harris and Brosnan to join the cast.

Rumour has it that Soderbergh even tried once to negotiate about directing one of James Bond films, but this idea eventually collapsed. Still, the director doesn’t lose heart by working on his own spy movies.

All these facts lead to the suggestion that Black Bag may also be quite much inspired by the famous spy franchise, with actors from it being already on board and the scriptwriter who is also not new to the spy cinema world.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter