Unfairly Deleted Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scene Hits Even Harder After No Way Home

Unfairly Deleted Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scene Hits Even Harder After No Way Home
Image credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

Eight years later, we still can't forgive Sony for removing this one.

If you thought that the scene of Gwen Stacy's death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the movie's peak of tragedy, kindly allow us to shed light on a certain deleted scene that hits even harder after you watched Tom Holland 's Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Eight years earlier, Sony — for some unknown reason — decided to do two things with its Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Firstly, they decided to resurrect Richard Parker, even though literally every Spider-Man fan will confirm that it was literally impossible for the man to survive.

Secondly (apparently understanding the audacity of their tweak), they proceeded to film one of the movie's most emotional and touching scenes, with Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker meeting Richard on the graveyard as Peter was mourning Gwen... and then delete the scene from the final cut.

Not only did the scene showcase Garfield's immense acting talent, it could also be a major milestone for his character — especially given that back at the time, Sony was actually planning to do the third movie before things went downhill with Andrew's Spidey.

Well, no matter how happy everyone was to welcome him back in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it definitely only made the deleted scene even more painful to rewatch. Have a look first, we'll explain.

The entire sequence is heart-wrenching, but Richard Parker's response to his son's desperate "I don't want to go on without her" is just gut-punching. "You take her with you," huh?

No Way Home proved that Garfield's Peter Parker did, in fact, take Gwen Stacy with him; after all this time, he wasn't able to forgive himself for not managing to save the love of his life from that fatal fall. We still remember Garfield's character's face when he saved Zendaya 's MJ; it was a full circle as beautiful as it was heartbreaking.

Now, fans are rallying for The Amazing Spider-Man to finally return in all his glory; not just in an MCU cameo, but in a full-fledge third movie we never received after The Amazing Spider-Man franchise was quickly sidelined in favor of Tom Holland's MCU debut.