Upcoming NCIS Spinoff Is a Jeopardy for This Character’s Big Milestone

Upcoming NCIS Spinoff Is a Jeopardy for This Character’s Big Milestone
Image credit: CBS

He still has a chance to get his record back though.

The NCIS franchise keeps expanding its universe as it’s about to bring Leroy Jethro Gibbs to the screens, the character who left the original show back in season 19. The franchise’s new spinoff titled NCIS: Origins will take its viewers back to 1991 when young Gibbs was about to start his career as an NCIS agent.

Now that the whole series will put its focus on the character’s personal and professional story, Gibbs appears to get not only an honor of his own show, but also the status of the franchise’s most featured character that previously belonged to someone else.

By taking up the spotlight in the upcoming spinoff, Gibbs officially becomes the NCIS universe’s indispensable game player who’ll now be featured in four shows of the franchise.

Earlier, the character already appeared in the original series, NCIS: New Orleans and Jug, with NCIS: Origins coming as an evidence of him leveling the score with the franchise’s other major character, Leon Vance. The latter was so far holding the record by making his way to four shows of NCIS’ universe, including the original series, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Hawai’i.

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Just like Gibbs, Vance is a major figure carrying out the duties of NCIS Director, and though his constant workplace is in Washington, D.C., he still keeps all the other departments under his control, which is why his appearance in most of the spinoffs is easily explained.

However, Vance still has a chance to win the race which now seems to be dominated by Gibbs. The former was featured in all of the NCIS’ shows except for NCIS: Sydney which was launched last year.

Given the character’s extensive role in the franchise’s universe, it probably won’t take much time for him to go and check how things are going in the Australian department.

The series has been recently renewed for a second season which will probably mark Vance’s appearance on the fifth show thus making him a record-breaker once again.