Upcoming Percy Jackson Show Even Inspired the Author to Write One More Book about Him

Upcoming Percy Jackson Show Even Inspired the Author to Write One More Book about Him
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So far, 2023 has been an amazing year for all Percy Jackson fans: not only were we promised a new TV show about the demigod, but Rick Riordan also released a new Percy Jackson book!

This year, Christmas definitely came early for all of us half-bloods out there — in fact, the entirety of 2023 has been one big Christmas so far. The Percy Jackson fan base has not been this excited since, well, the last time we had hopes for a decent live-action adaptation. Not only was it over a decade ago, it was also a huge disappointment.

But this year, things are definitely looking up!

First, we were promised a brand-new TV series about Percy Jackson, and even after being hurt by those nasty movies (especially Sea of Monsters), we can’t help but feel cautiously happy about it.

We deserve a faithful live-action adaptation, and Disney+ is most likely our only chance to get it, so hope is at an all-time high.

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Second, Rick Riordan suddenly released the sixth mainline Percy Jackson book, The Chalice of the Gods, which follows Percy in his final high school year. No one saw this coming since the last mainline novel came out all the way back in 2009, but this level of excitement has not been registered in the fan base for the last decade.

“Why don’t I try to write this first one, The Chalice of the Gods, the one that I had sort of initially outlined as kind of a thank you to fans. <...> We’re here with the TV show reinventing Percy Jackson that way. Why not also go back to the roots and reinvent him in book form as a love letter to all the people that have been waiting all these years for a good adaptation,” Rick Riordan told ComicBook.

Initially, Riordan wanted to write the sixth novel as an enticement for Disney+, but they accepted his offer right away even without it. Still, while working on the show, the author couldn’t get this new book idea out of his head — and he decided to give it a go, despite being scared that he wouldn’t be able to pull it off after so many years.

“I certainly was worried that after 14 years I might not be able to get back into that kind of mindset. But as it turned out, Percy is so much part of me, so much a part of my family’s history. I spent so much time writing about him that it was really pretty easy. <...> It was like a reunion with old friends,” Riordan shared.

For so long, we were away from Camp Half-Blood, and now we will return to it both with the new series and with the new book. What a year, folks, what a year!

Source: ComicBook