Vincent D'Onofrio Addresses Daredevil: Born Again Concerns

Vincent D'Onofrio Addresses Daredevil: Born Again Concerns
Image credit: Netflix

A gentle reminder from the Daredevil star for fans to stay patient.

Daredevil: Born Again, the upcoming Disney Plus’ series that will be part of the MCU, has recently upset fans with the latest scoops.

ScreenTime tweeted a scoop by the insider CanWeGetSomeToast stating that “Matt Murdock and Kirsten Mcduffie will be working together at a new firm — Murdock & Associates in Daredevil: Born Again as Nelson and Murdock is done.”

Fans were disappointed, to say the least. The reason is simple: they just can’t forget the Daredevil series that aired on Netflix from 2015 till 2018. Many factors contributed to its success, and one of them was Foggy Nelson and Karen Page. However, it seems like they are not coming back.

One of the fans responded to the tweet expressing their disappointment while also criticizing the version of Kingpin from Hawkeye series.

The fan also tagged Vincent D'Onofrio who portrayed Kingpin in the original Daredevil series and is now portraying the character in the MCU. Surprisingly, he responded.

In his tweet, D'Onofrio simply wrote, "Patience. Patience..." This short and sweet message gave fans the only thing they needed — hope. The upcoming Daredevil: Born Again is doomed to be constantly compared to the series that aired on Netflix, but looks like D'Onofrio genuinely believes in the project.

However, the minority of fans suggested that it wasn’t really his opinion, implying that as an actor he is supposed to say great things about a movie or TV show he is in. The answer came in the form of another tweet.

D'Onofrio clarified his earlier message, explaining that his call for patience was a plea for fans to hold off on making judgments until they've seen what's to come. He also mentioned that due to an ongoing actors' strike, he's currently unable to promote anything.

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D'Onofrio went on to express his concern that his initial tweet may have been misunderstood. He emphasized that his fans mean everything to him, especially when it comes to his work on Daredevil, and he felt it was necessary to provide an explanation.

He also took the opportunity to shed light on the importance of the actors' strike, stating that it's not just about movie or TV stars, but also about hardworking individuals who are trying to build their careers and provide for their families.

Source: Vincent D'Onofrio on Twitter