Viral DJ Khaled Meme Perfectly Sums Up Harry Potter as a Character

Viral DJ Khaled Meme Perfectly Sums Up Harry Potter as a Character
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Harry Potter is undoubtedly one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time, captivating audiences young and old with his heroic journey through the wizarding world.

And while countless articles and essays have been written about the boy who lived, sometimes it takes a viral meme to sum up his character in a way that resonates with the masses.

Enter DJ Khaled, the famous hip-hop producer whose album cover has taken on a life of its own in the form of hilarious memes. But little did we expect, this meme perfectly captures the essence of Harry Potter as a character.

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As you may already know, the cover of DJ Khaled's 2013 studio album Suffering from Success blew up the internet. Now, you probably never thought you'd see DJ Khaled and Harry Potter mentioned in one sentence, right?

Well, when it comes to Harry, there are numerous ways the viral meme can express the irony of his success, especially regarding his strange relationship with money.

It's no secret that Harry has experienced an abundance of success in his life. But despite having a substantial amount of money and power, he often struggles with the challenges, responsibilities, and expectations that come with it.

A perfect example of this is when Ron Weasley and his twin brothers rescue Harry from the Dursleys and bring him to their home, which is visibly crumbling.

He stays there for some time, eating and drinking at Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's expense. It then becomes clear that the Weasleys are struggling financially and are unsure whether they can afford books and other things necessary for school.

Harry, however, doesn't say anything but feels awkward as a small fortune had been left to him by his parents in an underground vault located at Gringotts.

Soon after that, they all visit Gringotts together, and much to Harry's dread, not only does he discover that the Weasleys merely have a small pile of silver Sickles and just one gold Galleon, but they also reach his vault.

When they get there, he attempts to obstruct the view of what's inside and hurriedly puts handfuls of coins into a bag. This move made many fans question his motives for not offering Weasleys any money and shoveling it into his purse.

Of course, there are some reasons why Harry might have made this decision. For one thing, it was revealed later on that Harry would have happily split the contents of the vault with the Weasleys, but he knew they would never accept it.

Additionally, Harry may have felt some guilt or shame about his wealth, especially given his difficult upbringing with the Dursleys.

He may have felt like he didn't deserve the money, or that it wasn't his place to share it with others, worrying that it would seem pretentious.

Regardless of the reasons behind his decision, it's clear that overwhelming success can come with challenges that can be difficult to handle and truly make us feel the weight of each choice.