Harry Potter Deleted Scene Proves There Was Sex In Hogwarts After All

Harry Potter Deleted Scene Proves There Was Sex In Hogwarts After All
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Harry Potter movies are about adolescents in their prime becoming adults. The movies got darker with each installment, just as the books did right before them.

There was although one crucial part of adolescent life that was omitted in both books and movies – sex.

Sex is never explicitly mentioned either in movie adaptations or in the novels, which is actually unusual for a medium about teenagers, aimed at teenagers.

Especially so, since love and affection are definitely apparent there. Evidently J. K. Rowling and the filmmakers wanted to avoid the whole sex thing.

Turns out, not all filmmakers stuck to that. There's a scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that didn't make it into the film that does hint at sex.

For many youngsters, especially in English-speaking countries, school dance is a huge event. That's how it's celebrated at Hogwarts.

In the fourth film in the series, Harry and his friends prepare for the ball that will be held as part of the Triwizard Tournament involving other two schools. Who goes with whom? What should I wear?

Classic questions that bother teenage magicians as much as their muggle counterparts. The ball is not a particularly nice evening for Ron and Harry, though. Hermione is seen going with Quidditch superstar Viktor Krum as her partner.

In a cut scene (available on Blu-Rays) Harry discovers something that was apparently deemed too hot to handle for a final cut of the movie.

He goes into the Hogwarts inner yard where he first catches a kissing couple and then quickly moves on. But when he walks past one of the carriages that are parked there, it starts to wobble and steams up from the inside.

We catch a glimpse of two students watching Harry from the inside, then they turn away. Both appear to be clothed.

Shortly thereafter, Harry watches Snape as he also searches between the carriages for something and then gets the two fully dressed teenagers out of the carriage, which he opens with a spell beforehand.

He sends them morosely back to school before having a conversation with Igor Karkaroff, which Harry happens to eavesdrop.

The shaking of the carriage, the fogging of the window: here the film definitely hints at some steamy activity. The scene is also somewhat reminiscent of that of Titanic when Rose and Jack are having fun in the car.

Even with Harry Potter never being a love story at its core, the now resurfaced footage makes the whole franchise even more relatable.

Perhaps it's a shame the cut scene never made it to the fourth movie, as it seems to have portrayed the issue in a decent and fun way.