Virgin River Star Sums Season 5 Up in 2 Heartbreaking Words

Virgin River Star Sums Season 5 Up in 2 Heartbreaking Words
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Even soapy dramas can get a little too intense at times.


  • The Christmas episodes gave Mel's actress some time to breathe after the first part of the season.
  • Season 5 was difficult to deal with emotionally, it was 'very draining'.
  • There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered in season 6.

Virgin River finally released the second part of its season 5 on November 30. The two most anticipated episodes were said to be easy to watch compared to the rest of the season, and it seems that the writers really managed to capture the Christmas spirit and make the episodes festive. At least it seemed that way for the actors.

The first 10 episodes of season 5, which were released in early September, had a lot going on for almost every character. We saw new relationships form, there was an unexpected breakup, and of course we didn't forget the tragic wildfire that Virgin River had to deal with.

In the finale of the first part, Mel found out that her father is alive, and even more - he lives in Virgin River! Now, what are the odds of that happening? But as Mel's actress, Alexandra Breckenridge, said, "It's Virgin River, so why not?"

There was also one specific storyline that hit harder than everything: Mel's miscarriage. While the topic itself is very serious and real for so many women, Alexandra Breckenridge admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that it was too difficult to handle.

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She knew she had to go through it because she felt she owed it to all the women with the same problem who don't get enough representation on TV, but going through the same scenes of the story over and over again made her a real mess.

Breckenridge said it was all very draining, so she was really looking forward to the Christmas episodes. As the actress recalls, she was very inspired to film those two episodes, but mostly because of the atmosphere that was created on set.

The show's crew really wanted to have Christmas in Virgin River because they thought the town would be an ideal place to show the cozy holiday.

What Happened In The Second Part Of Season 5?

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The episodes were really cute, all the vibes seemed real and there was no rush in anything. Maybe it was even a little too slow for the fans of the show where everything always happens so fast and in such a short time.

“I enjoyed the second episode much better than the first. The first one felt like one big summary of the past season with very little in terms of new events and I was struggling not to fall asleep, lol. Despite that though I still love the show overall,” Redditor maginary_Amount8095 said.

One of the most anticipated storylines to be resolved was, of course, Charmaine's pregnancy. Many fans admit that they even fast-forwarded the episodes to see if the writers would finally make it happen this time. And they did!

So if you haven't checked out the new episodes yet, you better tune in now and watch the whole season on Netflix.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter