Warner Bros. Canceling DC Fandome 2022 Was the Right Thing to Do

Warner Bros. Canceling DC Fandome 2022 Was the Right Thing to Do
Image credit: YouTube

Perhaps the only cancelation that has left DC fans lowkey happy about it.

DC Fandome was a free virtual fan event held by DC Comics and Warner Bros. that allowed fans from across the world to engage with each other and enjoy DC showcasing new projects. However, it seems that it only sounded good in theory.

In reality, Warner Bros. moved to cancel this year's Fandome event – and it looks like it is one of the few studio decisions that fans seem not to be disappointed about.

Still, the reason for fans being okay with the cancelation is quite gloomy – it's just that people understand that DC "has nothing to show".

"Honestly it makes sense especially after last year's, I mean what are they going to promote? The same things they promoted last year? Since discovery bought Warner Bros. they haven't made any announcements of new movies or new television series yet," a fan posted on YouTube.

Some people spew dark jokes about how DC Fandome could work – in a new and depressing way.

"DC fandome except instead of announcing projects, they announce more cancelations." – @lasagnaheaven

It's true that Warner Bros. has canceled more projects than it has recently announced. After the shocking news of 'Batgirl' being shelved, DC fans had to face another slew of cancellations of several animated projects, with other major DC projects also being endangered now.

This comes in the wake of the new Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav's new strategy. He insists that he has a plan that would help DC ascend to the level of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; particularly, he said that 'Batgirl' got killed because of the movie's failure to be theater-appropriate – even though the project was initially planned as an HBO Max endeavor.

Fans are not sure about how to feel: some people blast Zaslav for seemingly not knowing what he's doing with the beloved universe, and others believe that he has a plan that he simply doesn't want to share yet.

When it comes to DC Fandome, it was planned for this fall, but Variety reported that the studio decided not to hold the event due to the return of other in-person gatherings such as Comic-Cons.