Warner Bros. Has 3 Scenarios For 'The Flash' Amid Ezra Miller Scandal, And Neither of Them Is Good

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The fate of the scarlet speedster is less than enviable – whatever decision is made.

Unlike 'Batgirl', 'The Flash' is an extremely expensive DCEU movie that is also essential for the universe's future development, and it would be far more problematic to shelve it. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, even this scenario is currently being considered for the Ezra Miller starring movie.

There are two other paths out of the crisis that Warner Bros. is reportedly considering, but neither of the three scenarios seem to be overly optimistic. The first one envisages Miller explaining their behavior in some sort of an interview and pledge to seek professional help, then do limited press for 'The Flash', and the movie could open in cinemas as planned. This one sounds the most optimistic so far.

Another scenario suggests a strategy to release the film if Miller fails to seek help. In this event, Warner Bros. would still release 'The Flash', but without the actor taking part in its promotion. Additionally, Miller will be recast in the future in this scenario, The Hollywood Reporter claims.

The third (and the darkest) scenario will have the movie scrapped entirely. This would happen if the situation around Miller "deteriorates further". 'The Flash' cannot be reshot with a different actor, which is why the option is being considered, but the move to axe a $200 million film would be truly explosive, and the DCEU aren't sure what to feel about this particular alternative, fearing that Warner Bros. axing 'Batgirl' have created a precedent that would be easier to follow now. Some, however, actually support the decision to shelve 'The Flash' indefinitely, arguing that from a business perspective it would be the wisest thing to do.

"The Flash IP is possibly worth billions of dollars, if they release this movie it will tarnish and devalue the brand in the future because it'll be associated with Ezra Miller and this movie's scandals." – /theycallmegregarious

The Ezra Miller controversy adds up to the pile of problems and changes that Warner Bros. faces right now. After the cancellation of 'Batgirl', as well as a handful of other projects, the studio met massive backlash. However, according to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, it is all a part of a new strategy for DC to become a "more sustainable" business.

Still, despite the media storm that unfolds around Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. has been reluctant to directly address 'The Flash' controversy, even though many fans have voiced doubts that the situation will help increase DC's sustainability as a business.

Currently, the embattled blockbuster is still slated for June 2023 release.

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