Was Robert Pattinson Really The Edward Cullen We All Deserved? 

Was Robert Pattinson Really The Edward Cullen We All Deserved? 
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Attention hardcore fans, this may come as a shock.

The Twilight Saga is one of the most popular franchises ever created for teenage girls to enjoy. In fact, many adults are also on the number one fan positions in the fandom. Still, there's a lot of controversy surrounding the saga.

First of all, the huge Twilight fandom seems to be divided into two main groups: OG books fans and fans of the movie adaptations. And it seems that the first group was quite disappointed with the casting choices, especially when it came to the male lead.

The main reason for that was the image mismatch that was between book Edward and the Edward we saw on screen. The fans revealed that while reading the book they had this perfect image of him that was brutally killed by Robert Pattinson ’s performance in the movies.

“I reread the series for the first time in 10+years and all I can see now is the movie actors. I used to have one incredible picture of Edward in my head. I was in love with that boy/man and damn was he hot. Now I read it and the whole time I just picture Robert Pattison. It kinda ruined Edward for me,” Redditor masqueradeheart said.

But even this is not the worst thing that Pattinson has done (at least that one was out of his control). The fans are mostly offended by Robert Pattinson's attitude towards his character. In fact, he has publicly insulted his character and the saga in general in many interviews he has given over the years.

The most horrible thing he could have said to offend every person ever associated with the franchise was when he claimed that the Twilight book should never have been published in the first place. He called Stephenie Meyer insane and suggested that the book was her own sexual fantasy that shouldn't have seen the light of day.

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Then he went on to comment on the fans of the movies, saying that he didn't understand why there were so many of them. He also said that he didn't really get the obsession with his own character.

It's stuff like this that makes fans question the choice of Pattinson for the role of Edward, and you can understand why. After five movies that made you rich, at least have the decency to be polite, Rob!