Was The Vampire Diaries S6 Truly Good, Or Did S5 Just Set The Bar Too Low?

Was The Vampire Diaries S6 Truly Good, Or Did S5 Just Set The Bar Too Low?
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At some point, TVD fans just had to adapt to quality.


  • The Vampire Diaries was The CW fantasy series based on L. J. Smith’s books series of the same name.
  • Season 5 of the show is still deemed to be the worst among fans. The following one, however, was quite popular at the time of airing.
  • Looking back at it now, some viewers think season 6 was not as good as they thought, but looked good only in comparison to the previous one.

There's a point in any TV show that goes on long enough where things start to go downhill. The episodes tend to lose ratings because fans tend to lose interest in what's going on in the show. The stakes are either too low or too high, the storylines become repetitive, and the characters become less likable with each passing episode.

For The Vampire Diaries, this point was reached right at the end of season 4. Though many fans believe that seasons 6, 7, and 8 are all better than season 5, season 5 becomes a true test for anyone watching the show for the first time.

Those who aren't truly devoted to the story often prefer to drop it altogether, and those who remain find themselves on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit trying to find validation for their point of view.

Whether it was the traveler storyline that struggled to move the plot forward, the general lack of a solid plot, or the general depressing tone, it was very hard to find anyone to root for during these episodes. It is understandable that everything that would come after such a season would be better since the nadir had already been reached.

However, the question of whether season 6 was really as great as it was claimed to be by the fanbase, or just a small step up from the tragedy of the previous season, is still debatable.

Is The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Good?

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The only thing that made season 6 more bearable than season 5 for many people was the developing bond between Damon and Bonnie. While two fan-favorite characters had plenty of great moments together, it was understandably too hard for them to carry the whole show on their backs.

However, the rest of The Vampire Diaries was almost impossible to watch, and every single viewer had their own, but very valid reason to hate it. Some people quickly got bored with Enzo, who had potential but wasn't given enough personality to become a strong character in his own right. Others couldn't stand Damon and Elena's on-and-off relationship.

In general, everything that happened to Elena, including the ridiculous amnesia storyline, seemed more like a lack of ideas to the viewers than an actual well-thought-out arc.

As surprising as it was for fans at the time to find out that Nina Dobrev would be leaving the show after season 6, looking back, the decision makes a lot more sense. Perhaps the actress, like every other viewer, felt that Elena's character was getting worse with every episode.

As bad as all of these things were, The Vampire Diaries still holds a lot of nostalgia for many fans. So if you want to re-watch your favorite moments from the show, or create a whole marathon starting from season 1, you can do so by streaming The Vampire Diaries on Netflix, Max or Peacock TV.