Watch Out, Marvel: Looks Like Nintendo Is Building Its Own Cinematic Universe

Watch Out, Marvel: Looks Like Nintendo Is Building Its Own Cinematic Universe
Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans are going crazy over the latest update regarding Nintendo and Universal with expectations at an all time high.

After The Super Mario Bros. Movie made an unexpected sensation despite an initial mixed reception from critics, earning a 95% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, becoming the biggest animated film opening worldwide and the most successful video game movie, it seems almost certain that the sequel will be announced sooner or later.

But a recent update from Nintendo (owners of the Mario franchise) seems to hint at even bigger plans, leading fans to believe that they are about to witness the birth of a whole new cinematic universe.

In a recent episode of The Hot Mic podcast with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha, who are known for providing scoops and rumors that have turned out to be true more than once, the former shed light on the next collaboration between Nintendo and Universal Pictures, which will apparently be a movie based on The Legend of Zelda video game.

According to him, a "big deal" is about to be closed, although it will cost quite a lot for Universal after the huge success of the Mario movie.

Fans who have been expecting such a turn of events for some time are understandably overwhelmed at the moment, as their dreams of a "Nintendo Cinematic Universe," which they have been expressing since the success of Mario, now seem closer to reality than ever before.

With such an impressive collection of iconic games and characters, the company can offer a variety of different movies, from the aforementioned fantasy adventure of Zelda to the sci-fi action of Metroid.

Moreover, this could also mean that we could see crossover movies in the future, as it is not a new concept for Nintendo characters, take the Smash Bros. games for example.

The only thing that worries some fans is that Illumination, who created the Mario movie, might not be the best choice for a Zelda movie, as it requires a more serious approach to the story as opposed to the lightheartedness of Mario.

However, it is also a great opportunity for the studio to branch out in different directions.

But for now, fans will have to wait for an official confirmation, as all of the above are just rumors for now, even if they come from a relatively reliable source.

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