Weasley's Poverty Mystery Finally Explained By New Fan Theory

Weasley's Poverty Mystery Finally Explained By New Fan Theory
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Some things in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are universally true: the wand chooses the wizard; the Ministry is incompetent; the Weasleys are poor.

Over the course of the original books and movies, we see that the Weasley family is constantly struggling with money.

They live in a ramshackle disaster piece of a house, everything they own, use, or buy is a hand-me-down, and they're always counting their last knuts.

The first time Draco meets Ron, he immediately recognizes him as a Weasley judged solely on his red hair and poor appearance.

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This implies that the Weasleys are widely known as an extremely impoverished family throughout the entire wizarding society of Magical Britain.

In the recently-launched Hogwarts Legacy, there are Weasley characters, too. If you speak with Garreth Weasley, he will tell you that his family is large and poor — and the events of the game take place a century prior to the main story!

This means that the Weasleys have been stuck in poverty for many generations.

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Now, don't you find it weird?

We know little about the Weasleys of the 19th century apart from the fact that one of them was a Hogwarts professor (which didn't help the family financially, apparently), but we do know a lot about this family at the end of the 20th century… And something seriously doesn't add up.

The Weasleys are an old pure-blood family, and those typically sit on large gold piles. Both Arthur and Percy have decent jobs in the Ministry.

Bill works in Gringotts and makes a lot of money, and Charlie has a dangerous job that has to pay well. Fred and George have a prospering and ever-expanding business, after all!

Somehow, none of this helps the family's financial situation. Isn't it the weirdest thing ever?

So many people with either decent or really good-paying jobs and still the Weasleys are always hanging on the edge of complete bankruptcy. Nothing adds up.

Reddit user According-Value-6227 suggested a theory that might explain it and honestly seems to be the only explanation at this point: the Weasleys are cursed, and have been cursed for what seems like centuries.

The nature of the curse is quite vague, though, but it likely prevents the family members from making somewhat reasonable financial decisions, attracts trouble to them any time they manage to earn decent money, or ensures that any money sent by the successful family members gets lost on its way.

It sounds weird, but not much weirder than the situation itself… How else can you explain the state of this family considering all the facts?