Weasleys’ Poverty Was Arthur and Molly’s Conscious Plan All Along

Weasleys’ Poverty Was Arthur and Molly’s Conscious Plan All Along
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Arthur and Molly Weasley knew exactly what they were sacrificing for their beliefs.


  • The Weasley family was notoriously poor in Harry Potter, but few fans understand that it was Arthur and Molly’s deliberate sacrifice.
  • Arthur didn’t want money and power: he passed bills that targeted Voldemort’s supporters and enforced them while also being the Order’s spy.
  • Molly, who was a powerful witch, also rejected her own aspirations to work two full-time jobs: the Order’s member and a great mother for their kids.

In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where most things can be summoned out of the thin air or transfigured from something else, money still remains a problem. The Weasley family, for one, is notorious for being poor — which, it would seem, shouldn’t even be possible for wizards. As we see countless times throughout the franchise, their financial state often makes the Weasleys uncomfortable.

But why is this Pure-blood family so broke to begin with, especially considering that half of its members have reasonably prestigious jobs?

Arthur Weasley Had Way Less Than He Could Have

The head of the Weasley family, Arthur Weasley works in the Ministry of Magic. On multiple occasions, we see him as a rather brilliant wizard and lawman: he writes and successfully passes bills that make Voldemort’s sympathizers’ lives difficult all the while fighting for and being an undercover agent of the Order of the Phoenix.

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Furthermore, he was well-respected and liked by most other Ministry workers.

By using his family’s name (or blood status) and his own wits, Arthur Weasley could have risen through the Ministry’s ranks many years ago; in fact, it wouldn’t have been hard for him to become Head of any Department, save for the Department of Mysteries. Even his ambitious son Percy who turned his back on Arthur recognized it, and his father’s wasted potential frustrated him to no limit.

Arthur Weasley Sacrificed Wealth for Principles

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But Arthur didn’t ever pursue wealth or power, and he wasn’t a man of ambition. Most fans don’t understand just how long and personal the Weasleys’ fight against the Dark Lord’s supporters was going for; and yet, it was. Arthur sacrificed his potentially stellar career to be able to make former Death Eaters’ lives difficult.

Arthur was exactly where the Order of the Phoenix (read: Albus Dumbledore) needed him to be. He collected information for the Headmaster and made his own efforts to pass bills against Dark Arts sympathizers and enforce them.

Mr. Weasley once told Lucius Malfoy they had very different ideas of what a dignified wizard was: for Arthur, it was about fighting the good fight, not amassing money and power.

Molly Weasley wholeheartedly shared her husband’s sentiment. An immensely powerful witch in her own right — remember, she took down Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort’s right hand, in a duel — she too sacrificed her own aspirations to be two things that were far more important: Dumbledore’s ally and a great mother. Never once did she confront Arthur about money as it was their common sacrifice.