Were Black Noir & Payback Involved in Soldier Boy Kidnapping?

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Things are only getting started ahead of 'The Boys' season 3 finale.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' season 3 episode 7

Soldier Boy's disappearance back at the time of World War II was one of the mysteries to be unveiled in season 3, and Friday's new episode has finally shed some light on it.

As many fans have previously suspected, there was a lot more to the "kidnapping'' than just devious Russians getting their hands on Soldier Boy. Jensen Ackles' character has also been suspicious of the Vought being involved in his disappearance, and episode 7 proves him right.

It turns out that Soldier Boy was even more of a bully to Payback than Homelander is to The Seven. He would beat up the members of Payback before Nicaragua, with Black Noir suffering the most, which is why the outraged supes got him abducted by the Russians.

Stan Edgar greenlighted Payback to carry out their revenge on Soldier Boy, effectively handing him over to the Russians who attacked the team in Nicaragua.

So one of the biggest mysteries of the season did in fact turn out to be an inside job by the Vought. Now that it is no secret to Soldier Boy, we can only guess what implications it may have in the upcoming season finale.

'The Boys' eighth and final episode is scheduled to premiere on Prime Video on July 5.

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