'Westworld': Caleb's Daughter Theory Might Change The Whole Season 4

'Westworld': Caleb's Daughter Theory Might Change The Whole Season 4
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HBO's biggest sci-fi series puzzles fans with each new episode, but it looks like fans have finally spotted an important clue.

The newly launched season 4 of the series 'Westworld ' has completely changed the rules of the game, immersing viewers in a whole new world, outwardly very different from the one we saw last season. Caleb and Maeve are in a brand-new park, Evan Rachel Wood's Christine is in a Matrix-like simulation, and a newly awakened Bernard is searching for a mysterious rebel woman known as C. The identity of this woman has yet to be revealed, but fans already have an inkling of who she might be.

According to a theory circulating on Reddit, this woman may actually be Frankie, Caleb's daughter. But why is her name C, and how did she grow up so quickly? For one thing, her father often called Frankie 'Cookie', and her rebel's name may be a tribute to her parent.

"Watch the post-show interviews with the cast. They immediately follow the show if you are watching on HBO Max. Aurora Perrineau's character is called "C" and that's it. The C most likely stands for Cookie, at least according to OP's theory. Personally, I like it." – /ieatalphabets.

And many believe that Bernard spent much more time in the Sublime than is actually shown: it is generally accepted that his dream took about 20 years. That's a lot of time for Frankie to grow up, isn't it?

This theory certainly proves that the events of season four take place in different timelines, with Bernard's story unfolding in the very distant future.

"If Bernard goes into the sublime for 23 years after the uprising, that means that they’re 14-15 years after the events of Caleb and Maeve since that’s like 8-9 years after the uprising, right?" – /Rocket92.