'Westworld' Season 4: Are Bernard And Stubbs In a Different Timeline?

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HBO sci-fi series has just hinted that season 4 events actually unfold in several time periods at once.

Fan favorite Bernard finally appears in season 4, awakening from the Sublime, where he has spent an undetermined amount of time. After meeting with Stubbs and traveling to a distant desert to meet the human freedom fighters, it is apparent that this version of the world is very different from the one shown in Caleb and Christine's narrative arcs this season. In this version, the rebels are digging up some massive weapon out of the desert, trying to defeat the robots once and for all. But what could this weapon be, and how many years have passed since Bernard was trapped in the Sublime?

There are some pretty convincing theories on Reddit about both of these issues, with the weapon in question actually being a character prominently featured in the series. As for the time period, it is quite obvious that Bernard slept for much more than the 8 years that the Caleb's storyline takes place.

"I wonder if we are seeing two or three different time periods. Caleb and Maeve is one obviously, then Bernard and this resistance and then wherever Chrissie is. Unless Bernard came back during the same time period Chrissie is in. I bet the weapon in the desert is Maeve and the US government nuked the whole area where the Chicago world was." – /streetvoyager.

Actually, one fan managed to extend the time period to more than a decade, using one visual key filmmakers left for fans to spot – a tree last seen by the end of season 3, when Bernard was seen venturing into Sublime.

"I was so confused by the size of the tree growing through the porch roof when Bernard and Stubbs left the house. But if it's been like a decade plus then huh yea that fits." – /whatsurhulupassword.

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