What Critics Missed: The Underrated Horror Gems of 2023

What Critics Missed: The Underrated Horror Gems of 2023
Image credit: Legion-Media

2023 was a pretty fruitful year for the horror genre — fruitful enough for us to even make a list of the top 10 horror movies because we had enough to choose from.

We love chasing that thrill, and this year provided us with lots of extremely different ways to get our doses of spookiness.

Just look at the diversity here! We have works that playfully pay homage to the icons of the past, we have movies that fully embody the essence of the good old slashers, and we have pretty unique interpretations of the genre in general.

This year was a feast, and we've got our bellies full and our minds sated. The whole spectrum of the genre was expanded, presented in a different dimension to us, lovers of spooky things, because some of these spooked the parts of us that have never been ignited like that before and left us gleeful.

We're glad that we now have flat-screen TVs after watching "Skinamarink", as much as we were after experiencing "The Ring" all these years before. We haven't laughed so bitterly as we did while watching "Birth/Rebirth" in quite a while. And we hope that this trend won't die.